An evolutionary critique of atheistic evolution...

The recognition of the fact that the mechanisms governing the evolutionary process must themselves be subject to evolution and change is the dawn of a new era in the philosophy of Naturalism.

huge applause... a refreshingly entertaining read

- Reid Sharpless

Amazing read! I closed it feeling enlightened, inspired, and entertained.

- Brittany Holmes

engaging and elegant...edifying and convicting

- Reid Sharpless

The work is excellent and was a joy to read.

- Jon Kever

Overview of Evolution Evolves

Dougherty uncovers a common tendency among the proponents of Naturalism to smuggle in a hand-picked group of timeless absolutes from the outset of inquiry. From the start, evolution is made curiously immune to itself.

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The Testimonials

Dougherty plumbs the depths of the question of mankind's origin, challenging assumptions on every side; no one will walk away unscathed.

Jason Long

If David Hume, Tyler Durden, St. Augustine, and Jeffrey Lebowski co-authored a book, I think it would probably read something like this. A strange brew indeed.

Lidia Coffelt
Lidia Coffelt
Reid Sharpless

An incredibly cogent, incredibly edifying work. At its best moments, it seems to invoke the method of Van Til and the tenacious relevance of Schaeffer beautifully.

Justice Conder

Evolution Evolves challenges several of the core scientific assumptions of naturalism. It's certain to be controversial on a number of levels.

Lidia Coffelt

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